Buhutu - English


gomaESgamaSUgaman1boy2ladOK, goma wa ya eno pe'i, pa'ana i'ipa yai te silawa, o te tuhuli, hige gonowana somo abina ta ata.Ok, the boy was sleeping soundly, because when we are watching, or keeping watch all night we can't be aware of or know anything.Young boy, also adolescent boy, youth.
gomayada1nbush-fowl eggs
gomayada2n1bush fowlGomayada Gomayada ya la'i habahim Kwalauto. Olona ya dubaduba na ahena ya balebalelem. Ena nohi doha Kwalauto na hesana ya'una Welou. Ena aba miya mate tu'a yo gunuwala. Katinona ya la'i. Ana kalahe mate oyagi uludi sa be'u. Ya gwane mate, iyen, AHH, AHH.The Brush Turkey is bigger than the Common Scrubfowl. Its feathers are black (dark brown) and its legs are red. Its nest is like that of the Scrubfowl and is called a mound. They live on the mountain and in the valleys. Their eggs are large. Their food is fruit which has fallen from the trees. When they make their call they say, "AHH, AHH."ov. synFafatagugu 2Kwalauto 1Welou 1Welou 3Talegalla jobiensis1.6.1.2Bird2Red-legged BrushturkeyTalegalla jobiensis1.6.1.2Bird3Brown-collared BrushturkeyTalegalla jobiensis1.6.1.2Bird4Telegalla jobienisTalegalla jobiensis5Collared ScrubturkeyTalegalla jobiensis6BrushturkeyTalegalla jobiensis7megapode speciesTalegalla jobiensis8moundbuilder speciesTalegalla jobiensis9turkey, brushNa mulina yai, mate E lau tana'ai bena E sala gomayada.And afterwards, I went to the bush so tht I might dig for bushfowl eggs.Gomayada ya la'i habahim Kwalauto. Olona ya dubaduba na ahena ya balebalelem. Ena nohi doha kwalauto na hesana ya'una Welou. Ena aba miya mate tu'a yo gunuwala. Katinona ya la'i. Ana kalahe mate oyagi uludi sa be'u. Ya gwane mate iyen, "AHH, AHH."Talegalla jobiensis
gomnan1cabbage heart of palmGomna: mate tapa'au ini fwaufwau pa'adi yai mate gomna.In regard to the palm heart: at the base of crown's new shoots is the palm heart. coconuts5. from leaves2heart of palm cabbagema'ima'i gomnacoconut heartgolu gomnalimbum palm heartThe heart of the coconut palm and the limbum palm can be eaten as a kind of cabbage. This is sometimes called "millionaires' salad" because the removal of the palm heart inevitably kills the coconut tree. coconuts5. from leaves
gomna, ma'ima'iNP1heart of coconut2coconut cabbage{Ma'ima'i gomna} is the sprouting inner heart of the coconut palm which is edible, like a blanched salad. Compare {ma'ima'i ininna}. coconuts5. from leaves
gonn1plain2valleyNot a narrow ravine, but a broad, flat valley, such as a river valley.See also {gonu}, {gonna}, {gonuna}.unspec. comp. formgongonnanflat groundvalley
gon-n > adjpfxRDP
gongonn1wild bananaSa leu --, asai hesana gongon sa oi. They went on west and then they cut some wild bananas called gongon.Wild bananas bear edible fruit, but it is full of large seeds.Musa ingens Simmonds; Plant family: Musaceae.2bush bananaBush bananas are called {gongon} and {golabola}. Domesticated bananas are called {asai} and {bihiya}.
gongonnaunspec. comp. form ofgonn1flat groundYena witi wa sa pitali sa tole gogonidi tanohi gongonna yo po'ipo'ina yai. When the wheat is dry, they put them (the bundles) all together on ground that is flat and hard.2valley"Flat ground" so by extension a large piece of flat ground would often be a river valley. See also {gonna}, {gonuna}
gonnanvalley, itsA large, flat river valley.ov. syngadowanagunuwala 1gunuwala 1tu'a1 3
gono-n > npfxRDP{gonogonowana}
gonogonowadin1same, to be2sufficient, to be1pex: gonogonowamai, 3s: gonogonowana, 3p: gonogonowadi
gonogonowamainable for us1pex: gonogonowamai, 3s: gonogonowana, 3p: gonogonowadi
gonogonowana1same2equivalent1pex: gonogonowamai, 3s: gonogonowana, 3p: gonogonowadi
gonowan1enough2possible3ableYo fede bena ya an kaka'en be hige ana gonowa.then he would let loose of it, but he was not able to do do.4same
gonowadin1enough 2able3ability, their1s: gonowagu, 2s: gonowam, 3p: gonowadi
gonowagun1enough2ability to do s.th. (to have)3can do s.th.4able (to be)5sufficient6equivalent7same as (to be)8identical9ableYa lau weee--, gonowana mate wa au lawen ai babagaLet it go on until you are able to tie it to the croton bush.Natugu, hige gonowagu, pa'ana haidam te, hewa yai tau lofo mahudo'idi, mate sa anpate-asaha.My child, I can't possibly (allow it), because as for your companions here, all of whom are high flyers, they tried in vain.Yena wa fanuha, um gonowam haba wa faloholohogu.If you so desire, you are able to make me well.10enough11sufficientAbelaham ena suisui tau ita watanidi, yo Lota ena suisui tau ita watanidi sa faibayaho, pa'ana adi kalahe mate, hige gonowadi.Abraham's animal herdsmen quarrelled with Lot's animal herdsmen because their food wasn't sufficient.12equivalent13identicalBo'e mate, waihin yo taumoho nenedi gonogonowadi.As for the Egrets, the males and females appearance is the same. rfov. syna'aigonowana1s: gonowagu, 2s: gonowam, 3s: gonowana
gonowananable, to beov. syna'aia'aia'aia'aibeti1 2gonowagu 131s: gonowagu, 3s: gonowana
gonun1flat land2valleyVariant form are {gon} and {gonna}
gonunan1valley Ite em wasa mate, ai Buhutu gonuna yai aho ite.This is your report now about us in the Buhutu valley.This refers to a more or less flat, alluvial river valley or plain, not a steeply sloping valley or ravine in the mountains., plateau1.2.1.4Valley2plain, alluvial3alluvial valleycompare also {gon} and {gonna}.
Gonunanplain, its
GoudanGoudaDituna, Euyowa, Yamauli, Hibulele, Nola, Gouda, Tubawata, Lato, Lakatani. Iti mate tau sikulu baguna.Dituna, Euyowa, Yamauli, Hibulele, Nola, Gouda, Tubawata, Lato, Lakatani. Iti mate tau sikulu baguna. They were in the first intake of students.Gouda was one of the first group of pupils to attend Siasiada school after WW2. 9.7.1Name of a person
goulan1fog bank, a2fogNenena mate, ya namanamali, na ena leli mate sa kafu doha goula.as for his appearance, it was shining, and his garments were white like a fog bank.