Buhutu - English


gonowagun1enough2ability to do s.th. (to have)3can do s.th.4able (to be)5sufficient6equivalent7same as (to be)8identical9ableYa lau weee--, gonowana mate wa au lawen ai babagaLet it go on until you are able to tie it to the croton bush.Natugu, hige gonowagu, pa'ana haidam te, hewa yai tau lofo mahudo'idi, mate sa anpate-asaha.My child, I can't possibly (allow it), because as for your companions here, all of whom are high flyers, they tried in vain.Yena wa fanuha, um gonowam haba wa faloholohogu.If you so desire, you are able to make me well.10enough11sufficientAbelaham ena suisui tau ita watanidi, yo Lota ena suisui tau ita watanidi sa faibayaho, pa'ana adi kalahe mate, hige gonowadi.Abraham's animal herdsmen quarrelled with Lot's animal herdsmen because their food wasn't sufficient.12equivalent13identicalBo'e mate, waihin yo taumoho nenedi gonogonowadi.As for the Egrets, the males and females appearance is the same. rfov. syna'aigonowana1s: gonowagu, 2s: gonowam, 3s: gonowana
gonowananable, to beov. syna'aia'aia'aia'aibeti1 2gonowagu 131s: gonowagu, 3s: gonowana
gonun1flat land2valleyVariant form are {gon} and {gonna}
gonunan1valley Ite em wasa mate, ai Buhutu gonuna yai aho ite.This is your report now about us in the Buhutu valley.This refers to a more or less flat, alluvial river valley or plain, not a steeply sloping valley or ravine in the mountains., plateau1.2.1.4Valley2plain, alluvial3alluvial valleycompare also {gon} and {gonna}.
Gonunanplain, its
GoudanGoudaDituna, Euyowa, Yamauli, Hibulele, Nola, Gouda, Tubawata, Lato, Lakatani. Iti mate tau sikulu baguna.Dituna, Euyowa, Yamauli, Hibulele, Nola, Gouda, Tubawata, Lato, Lakatani. Iti mate tau sikulu baguna. They were in the first intake of students.Gouda was one of the first group of pupils to attend Siasiada school after WW2. 9.7.1Name of a person
goulan1fog bank, a2fogNenena mate, ya namanamali, na ena leli mate sa kafu doha goula.as for his appearance, it was shining, and his garments were white like a fog bank.
goutingoatsGouti edi fanuha ume'ehu finaheina yo gonowana sa lautafo dagodago Goats like climbing rocks, and they are able to run and jump.An earlier spelling was {nanigoti}.
GregorynGregoryA man's name.
-gu21Vtrsfxme2vdsfxto mecomp.abi~hudo'iyeguVtrset me apart (to)choose me (tosanctify me, toder.abi~hudo'iyeguVtrset me apart (to)choose me (tosanctify me, tokamfafatabubuguVtrtremble, causing me toshake, causing me tocont.kamfafatabubuguVtrtremble, causing me toshake, causing me to
-gu4nsfx1my2my3my4myEna bobon E aulaha, ubena loiloina ai difigu haba wa au.When it is morning and I set off, you will tie the braided rope around my waist.5my6my1s: -gu, 2s: -m, 3s: -na, 1pIN: -da, 1pEX: -mai, 2p: -miu, 3p: -di
-gu51Vtrsfxme2vdsfxto me
guawan1tree speciestree whose inner nut is used for dancing rattles; the fruit can be eaten if soaked first.2dancing rattle3rattle for dancing
Gubalim1npigeon species2nPinon Imperial Pigeon3Imperial Pigeon, PinionThe female and male's appearance is identical. It is not really big.
gubugubufwauadjyoung one
gubugubufwaunaadjyoung,bena sipi natuna gubugubufwauna ana boga adi ya abihe should get a young sheep for his family to eat.comp.sipi gubugubufwaunaNPlambyoung sheep
gudu1Vtrclose something, toU'ula yai te gudu: We close with prayer:2Vtrshut something, to3Vinshut, to go4Vinclose, to5Vtrblock off, to
gudu-Vin > npfxRDP{guduguduna}