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gawanangovernorYena sa falau~fatalamiu, Diusi edi aba oigogo babaꞌisadi e gawana e nuꞌu babadadi matadi yai, tabu au mode When they bring you.pl before the the leaders of the Jews in their synagogue [place of meeting] or before the eyes of governors or regional elders don't you.pl worry The person who is in charge of a province. In the time of Christ and the apostles, this included the governors of Judea, Galilee, Syria, etc. official4.6Government
Gawana GeneralNPGovernor General
gayagayagun1jaw, myBuhutu Picture Dictionary, VITAL, 2010 (rev 2019), Joseph Anania, et al. 2chin, my2.1.1Head1s: gayagayagu, 3s: gayagayana
gayagayagu olonaNP1beard2.1Body2.1.5Hair2.1.1Head2whiskers3hair of one's chin
GayalofanGayalofaMulidi yai mate tau sikulu mulita: Gayalofa, Kodesi, Anania, Jimmy, edi pele.Mulidi yai mate tau sikulu mulita: Gayalofa, Kodesi, Anania, Jimmy, edi pele.Gayolofa was in the second intake of students at Siasiada Mission School after WW2.9.7.1Name of a person
gayoVin1cross over, to7.2.3.5Move past, over, through2wade across, toYo fede, waihin wa ya gayo ya fuyo eee--, gelegele yai. Sa yoga fuyo lisina, Itebom,And so the woman [waded] back across, until she reached the beach. And they called back to her, and said,
gayo awasiunspec. comp. form ofawasiVtrcross over, toYa lau ho'owa ya gayo awasi, be ume'ehu hesa la'ila'ina ho'owa sadaina yai amainiya ya ta'ata'ai.She went and crossed to the other side of the river, and then she was sitting on a big rock, there beside the water.
gayo dohecomp. ofdoheVin1ford a stream, to2cross over, to
gayo fuyo lau tefacomp. offuyo1lau1tefaVincross over again to the other side, toHa'asi na ya gayo fuyo lau tefa, edi aba angabu yai. Enough! Then he would go back across to their place of roasting (their food)
gayo fuyo tefacomp. offuyo1tefaVincross back over to the other side, toAmainiya ume'ehu wa ya lau afulen na ya gayo fuyo tefa, be edi aba angabu yai amainiya ya ta'ata'ai.Then he left the stone and crossed back over to the other side, and then he was sitting at the place of their roasting (their food).
gayo lau tefacomp. oflau1tefaVincross over to the other side, toTaumoho lahuna ya yogayogai na hige i laoma. Be ya gayo lau tefa. The man was calling out to his wife, but she did not come. Then he crossed over to the other side.
gayo ya fuyo, yaCLgoes back across, oneYo fede, waihin wa ya gayo ya fuyo ee--, gelegele yai.And so the women waded back across until she got to the beach.Compare {lau gayo},
gebeyafanold onesSingle occurrence of this word in a comment following Matiu 23:39 by Patrick Sadileutu.
gebon1canoeIn saga tau itawatanina. Hesana Peliman. In dodoga tau-fadohedi, ai gebo.He looks after the river. he is named Ferryman. He's the one who gets people across in a dugout canoe. canoe
geboansingle-hulledCHECK OUT any occurrences of this word in context.
gedaliVtr1split firewood, toNa ena ya an mwahibo, haba tinana ibom, "Aho, oyagi wa gedali."But if he or she eats between meals, then his or her mother will say. "OK, go split some firewood."5.5.2Tend a fire2split wood, to3split it, toSa gedali ee--, Esa sa ita, be tiyen, "M, nenena hudo'i."They were splitting it, and they saw something, and they said, "Mm, it looks different.
gedali lobahiVtrfind by chopping, toEe--, ma'esega na, sa gedali lobahi, ediba, "Logena, ite." ‎So they kept on until suddenly they revealed what they were chopping, and they said, "Right, this is it."
gedugun1nape of neck2.1Body2.1.1Head2occipital region of head2.1Body2.1.1Head3neck, nape of2.1Body2.1.1Head
gege1n1pig (runaway pig gone bush)ov. synegu salaiph. v. ofsalaisuwana 1unspec. var. ofsalai7.2.6.3Escape1.6Animal2runaway pig7.2.6.3Escape1.6Animal3runawayIbe um sai em sipi handele esega, na esega ya gege, . . .Whoever of you, if you have one hundred ship and one has run away, . . . pig{Gege} is a domesticated animal which has gone wild again. In Buhutu culture this usually refers to a wild pig.{Salai} is a domestic pig, {gege} is a runaway pig, and {suwana} is a wild pig.