Buhutu - English


gwasagwasa~puloVinfoam at them mouth, to; froth at the mouth, toYa kam~fafatabubu be ya gwasagwasa~pulo. It mkes him shake all over and he foams at the mouth.
gwa'un1shelter2blindBwa'ibwa'ina ema gwa'u 'e pei.First we set up our blind.3tent
gwa'u susukatinaNPtent stakeNa habahim Diyaeli gwa'u susukatina yo hama ya abidi.Then Jael took a tent stake and a hammer.{Gwa'u} is a temporary shelter e.g., like a garden house. {palai} is a tent.
GwawilonGwawilo9.7.1Name of a person
Gwawilo OyananGwawilo MoluntainSa leuma sa ita'ita fuyo, be Gwawilo Oyana sa ita, be sa lefa boda, ee--, sa ta'i'ili.They came and they looked back, and saw Gwawilo Mountain, so they started paddling again and went around the point.Gwawilo Mountain is visible from Babaga Hisu at Mullins Harbour.9.7.2Name of a place