Buhutu - English



gwalugwalugunsources (my)Egu sulu ya ofi ya laulau logena, gwalugwalugu sa bobodiyen. In moho dodoga haisa, sa wunuwunuimai.My "clan" is finished, that's all my "ending/sources" they are protecting it. But just one thing, some people are still killing us.
gwalugwaluna1unspec. comp. form ofgwaluna
gwalugwaluna2nentrywaymate ya lau~mahanoma emi papeꞌo gwalugwaludi yai.then it will arrive at the entryway of your steps.
gwalunansource, as the headwatwrs of a streamgwalugwaluna1unspec. comp. formnentrywayMt 24:33
gwaluna yaiPPat its source, at its headwatersHo'owa wa gwaluna yai ya fai~sa'ai, sa'ana oulina fati.At the headwaters (source) the river forked off, there were four branches.This may not be the ultimate source, but the spot where it divides into four streams. (I still have queries about this word, RC)/ Can or should it be {uluna} or {gwaluna}?
gwaman1boyYo fede, Buluhagalagala yo gwama wa sa anyawasi.And so both Buluhagalagala and the boy rested.2teenager (male)Gwagwama luwaga wa edi waga anikadi sa solu hitinidi, na sa lau luma.the two boys pulled up their canoe anchors, and they went to the house.ov. synbwaibwai 1
Gwama Tabuna1Holy Child (male)2Holy Boy'Gwama Tabuna te, In Yaubada Natuna'This Holy Boy is God's Child/Son.
gwamananboy, that one
gwamondugong netNubaigu, gwamo yai sa onai be sa fakapulolo. They caught my cousin in a dugong net, and he was drowned.Should this be spelled {gauma} as at Suau and Sawaiha?
gwaneVin1sing (to)2chirp (to)3call (to)Sa ta'i'ili hinaga, sa amban, sa gwane, sa kwade, pa'ana edi ba'isa wa doha.the would circle around, and feed, and sing, and they were happy, because their leader was like that.Ya gwane mate hesana ya atahi fuyoi, iyen; "Kwalauto ke'o."When it calls then it hears its own name back, it says, "Kwalauto, ke'o."Hige'e, mate ni sihwalo atai'adi sa gwanegwane.No, that is the sound of dry season birds chirping.{Gwane}is used exclusively for the singing or calling of birds. soundsgwanegwane; > aba gwane; > an gwanegwane
gwane-v > vpfxRDP{gwanegwane}, an~gwanegwane}.
gwane fuyoVincall out again, to
gwanegwaneVin1chirping (to be)2sainging (to be)Tana'ai yai atai'a sa gwanegwane.In the forest (bush) the burds were singing.Always in reference to the sounds that birds make. sounds
gwasagwasa~puloVinfoam at them mouth (to); froth at the mouth (to)Ya kam~fafatabubu be ya gwasagwasa~pulo. It mkes him shake all over and he foams at the mouth.
gwa'un1shelter2blind for use when hunting gameBwa'ibwa'ina ema gwa'u 'e pei.First we set up our blind.3temporary house or shelter, often built at one's garden, by extension: a tent which be taken down and erected again elsewhere.
gwa'u susukatinaNPtent stakeNa habahim Diyaeli gwa'u susukatina yo hama ya abidi.Then Jael took a tent stake and a hammer.{Gwa'u} is a temporary shelter e.g., like a garden house. {palai} is a tent.
GwawilonGwawili9.7.1Name of a person
Gwawilo OyananGwawilo MountainSa leuma sa ita'ita fuyo, be Gwawilo Oyana sa ita, be sa lefa boda, ee--, sa ta'i'ili.They came and they looked back, and saw Gwawilo Mountain, so they started paddling again and went around the point.Gwawilo Mountain is visible from Babaga Hisu at Mullins Harbour.9.7.2Name of a place
GewainGewaiTinagu hesana Yaluma. In Yaluma tinana hesana Gewai.My mother's name was Yaluma. She, Yaluma's mother was named Gewai.Gewai was the grandmother of Eida Bania. (whose maiden name was Kanabouli Duisae).9.7.1Name of a person
Gewala1Lory2various species of Lory & Lorikeet, Papuan Lorikeet, Josephine's Lorikeet, Little Red Lorikeet, Red-fronted Lorikeet, Biak Red Lory, Moluccan Red Lory.