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gadogun1throat, myna habahim gadona ya ibo hinaga.and then he cut his throat also.2.1Body2.1.1Head2neck, my2.1Body2.1.1HeadCan be both the inside and the outside "neck" & "throat."
gadogu ya maguIDIOM1thirsty (to be)Sai ho'owa te ya nom haba gadona ya magu fuyo.Whoever drinks this water will be thirsty again.be ya nom mate, ibege gadona i magu boda.when he drinks it, then he will not be thirsty again.2I am thirsty
gadoider. ofgado1
gadomain1throats (our.excl)2necks (our.excl)Go to {gadogu} "my neck, my throat."
gadomai sa heyaya1CLbad voices (to have)Ai tau le'i loloho, in moho wana yai, gadomai sa heyaya.We are good dancers, but in regard to singing, our voices are bad.2IDIOMsing badly (to)3IDIOMnecks are bad (our.excl) IDIOM: Our throats are bad means: we have bad voices, we do not sing well.
gadona2ntune, its Yena wana gadona, yo fino o gita dagugudi wana gadona wa falau~watan haba gonowana wana somo ni, sa atahi~lobahi.When there is the tune of a song, and the flute or guitar's sound follows the song's tune, then it will be possible for them to catch (understand) what song it is. Derived from {gadona} "its throat," here it means "its tune"
gadona1nthroatsee gadogu 'my throat'
gadona ya maguIDIOM1thirsty (he is)Sai hoꞌowa te ya nom haba gadona ya magu~fuyo.Whoever drinks this water will be thirsty again.2his throat has ebbedIdiom: His throat had ebbed - He was thirsty.
gadona ya magu~fuyoIDIOM1tide will go out again in ones throat2thirsty again (one will be)IDIOM: {ya gado magu} LIT: "the tide goes out in ones throat" means "one is thirsty."
gadosisinloveU fuyo em nu'u am boga lisidi be Guyau somo la'i ya ginauli enehem, yo ena gadosisi la'ina lisim yai enehedi u liba.Go back to your region to your family and then tell about what the Lord did for you, and tell them about his great love to you.faigadosisiyemiugadosisi~heyayaidicomp.Vtrlove them completely, toafa haidam wa fanuhadi yo haba wa gadosisi~heyayaidi.love your friends/companions, and you will love them intensely/completely.
gadosisi fuyoiVreflxlove oneself (to)yo falena tau miya bena ya gadosisiyedi doha ibona ya gadosisi fuyoi.He should love his neighbor like he loves himself.
gadosisi yalinaNP1covenant of love2agreement of love
gadosisi~wananahaimiuVtr1love you.pl truly (to)2love you.pl dearly (to)E gadosisi~wananahaimiu, yo nuwagu ami faꞌamna!I love you truly and you make my heart feel glad!
gadosisiyenVtrlove someone (to)La'ila'i wananahana mate, 'Isalaela au ata'atahi! Guyau in ibona eda Yaubada, yo bena ma nuwa ofifahim, em nuwatuhu mahudo'ina yo ma adidilim Yaubada u gadosisiyen.The truly big one is, 'Listen, people of Israel, The Lord alone is our God, and we shoiuld love him with our complete mind, with all of our thinking, and with our strength.
gadosisiyen~wananahaiVtrlove it truly (to)Yaubada tano'ubu ya gadosisiyen~wananahai;God truly loved the world.See also {gadosisi~wananahaimiu}.
gadowananplateauMowabi Gadowana yaiov. syngonnagunuwala 1
gaeban1dish2plate3formerly made of woodPepa hewana yai gaeba yai u tole be gilisi ya didi afulen.Put it in a bowl on top of some newspaper, so the grease can drip away [and drain off].Do'ata te, aite'i, itete Diyon Babasito kuluna ai gaeba wa felegu! This now, this here, give me John the Baptist's head on a platter!ov. syndisina 1tete'a2
gafinkind of treeGafi: Oyagi ya famala nabutuwa. Gafi: a tree which became a Nabutuwa (a kind of spirit)Pulopulo: Oyagi gafi ya alele mate hewana yai pulopulo. ‎Pulopulo: KInd of tree called "gafi" which floated and had foamy bubbles on top of it.
gafu2Vtrsteal it (to)See the more common expression {angafu}.
gafu3gerstealingDoes {gafu} occur as a free form? or only in {angafu}?
gafu1nsmoketana'ai mahudo'ina ya ala be gafu nu'u ya faheyaya be nu'u ya ala, pa'ana nu'u ya pitali.the whole jungle burned, and smoke was spoiling the place and it was burning, because the place was dry.5.5Fire
gafudinsmoke (their)