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la-1adj > adjpfxRDPAs in {lala'i} 'big.'2Vin > VinpfxRDP{lala'i}
la'a1Vtrpluck (to)6.2.5HarvestSee also {la'aidi~bwa'iyedi}
la'a2nbunchUsed for a bunch of fruit, nuts, etc.
la'a~esegahidiVtrpull them out at the same time (to)Hafena! Pa'ana yena sitaniyadi ami suluhidi, ibe witi au la'a~esegahidi.Refrain! Because if you pull out the sitaniya weeds, you would pluck out the wheat at the same time.
la'a~fahidiVtrpluck them out (to)Bena ꞌe lau be ꞌe laꞌa~fahidi?Should we go and pluck them out?
la'aiVtr1pull something out (to)Ya lau bena ya la'ai. Hige gonowana.He went to pull it out, but he wasn't able to.ov. synlosi 2suluhi 22pull it out (to)3pluck (to)
la'aidi~bwa'iyediVtrpluck them out first (to)Habahim tau lau~gabu E falibadi, be sitaniya haba sa laꞌaidi~bwaꞌiyedi, habahim witi sa tano~gogoidi,Then I will tell the harvesters to pluck out the sitaniya weeds first, and then they will gather up the wheat.
la'ananstems (its)Kena mate mwakomwakokona ya susu hasa, ya tahalasi be la'ana ya taumahata.In regard to the bud sheath, the narrow part grows upward, and opens up and the (individual) stems appear.
laba1Vtrcarry in one's arms (to)ov. synbahei 1bahei 3geuiloloi 1kapu12Vtrcarry n ones arms, to3Vtrcarry in ones arms, to4Vingiving birth to, to beSee also {labalaba}.
laba-Vin > VinpfxRDP{labalaba}
laba~gogonidiVtr1hold them together (to)Mose ena laugagayo mahudoꞌina yo Peloweta edi lau faꞌata mate, laugagayodi te ya laba~gogonidi. As for all the law of Moses and the teachings of the prophets, these (two) laws hold them all together.2dependent on them, to be{laba gogonidi} LIT "hold them together like a baby." So, "they're dependent on it."
labalabaVin1giving birth (to be)Waihin hige gonowana i labalaba mate nuwana haba sa heyaya.A woman who isn't able to give birth will feel badly in her heart.2carrying in one's arms (to be)abi~falabalabadi
labatiSUlabasiVtr1give birth (to)2.6.3Birth2carry in one's arms (to)I lau eee--, hoifini wa i boboga. Natuna i labati,Time passed, the woman was pregnant, she gave birth to a child.
LabeninLabanDiyakobo ya lau, be ena bada Labeni ena ya paisowa.Jacob went and worked for his mother's brother (Uncle) Laban.9.7.1Name of a person
laboninrabbi; teacher"Laboni!" Na Alina Hebelu yai, aniyona mate, "tanuwaga." "Rabboni!" and in the Hebrew language it's meaning is "teacher."<HEBREW "Rabboni" - "rabbi"
labuiNUtwoUsed in Suau, but also in southeastern Buhutu villages.
ladaVtrheat over fire (to)
ladaiVtrheat over a fire (to)'Wapina mate te oi papa be taulida sa kamna e lisilisida sa kamna mate ai oyagi ala'alana te ladai be ai tauda te fapatudima. We peel off the bark and when our bodies ache, or our ribs have pain then we heat it in a burning flame, and then we plaster it on our bodies.See variant spelling {ladi}.
ladiVtrprepare pandanus by heatingEna gwayali, mate tinana oyagi yai ya ladi, be ya yome nonohai. Gwayalina mate, Guyuwa ana gwayali.As for his traditional mat, his mother heated it in the fire, then she prepared it by sewing. His mat now, it was Octopus's mat.See variant spelling {ladai}.
lafeiVtrcontrol it (to)Habahim Guyau, Babilon edi Kin, Nebukanesa, nuwana ya lafei,Then the Lord controlled the mind of Nebuchsadnezzar the king of Babylon.Diudasi Isakaliyoti mate Satani nuwana ya lafei.As for Judas Iscariot, Satan controlled his mind.pa'ana doga somo ya lafei mate in ginaulina te ena tau lau~fayofayo.because whatever controls a person, he is the slave to that thing.Satani mate pe'i ya lafei, In moho, Yesu ena pe'i yai, Satani ya lei~hafihafiti, As for Satan, he had power over death, but Jesus, with his death, conquered Satan.
lafelafeinapartcontrol of somethingyo Satani pe'i lafelafeina, ana siga ya tole.and he put Satan's control of things to an end.
lafolafoncovering ??Hinau Masali, logena, gulewa wananaha mate in, lafolafo hewana yai ya fa'ota. Then Hinau Masali left a covering on top of her true clay pot.possibly a covering for the pot??
lafupreVdo (to)lafulafuliga
lafu-1preV1go (to)2do{lafulafu}