Buhutu - English


nima paisowa1NP1handicraft2handworkitems made by hand for trading, selling or personal use, such as woven baskets, or mats, wood carvings,clay pots and the like.
nima paisowa2ph. v. ofnimagu1NPhandicraft2handworkitems made by hand for trading, selling or personal use, such as woven baskets, or mats, wood carvings,clay pots and the like.
nima siusiugunelbow, my1s: nima siusiugu "elbow, my", 3s: nima siusiuna "elbow, his"
nima talutalumonaNPwristnima talutalumonahand joint, wrist{talutalumona} is the joint between the arm and the hand, or the leg and the foot CHECK alt. spelling
nima~oidimaVtr1signal them with one's hands, toYo fede, afa haidadi waga hesa yai sa nima~oidima, be bena sa saguhidi.And so they signalled with their hands to their friends in another boat that they might help them.2hand-signal, to make
nimadinhands (their)
nimadi gibudiNPclaws on their forelegsNimadi yo ahedi sa la'i yo nimadi gibudi sa lolofa yo sa mo'a.Their forelegs and hind legs are big, and their claws are long and sharp.
nimagun1hand, my2arm, my3foreleg4wing5handpa'ana do'ata nimamai 'e kamfahidi be 'e an'an, i be ai be'u.because, if we take our hands off so we [can] eat, then we might fall.6arm7forelegsYa lau wee--, nimana hinaga sa susu.Time went by, and its arms also formed.8wingsFuya ou'ouli mate in, Tolutoluwaga nimana leleyana.All of the time that's it, the print of Tolutoluwaga, the Nightjar's, hand.9flipper10tentacle11authorityhaba tau fakilaino dogana ya felen, be pilisiman haba ai nimadi ya tolem.[He] will give you to the judge, and then he will put you in the hands of the policeman.In moho, Abelaham ma'ena tau hiyala dodogadi ana sa fofo, ana waiyunu nimadi yai.Just one thing, Abraham and his fighting men rescued him from the hands of their enemies.Hand is not distinguished semantically from arm in this entry. When pressed, a speaker will describe the palm of the hand, or the fingers. The foreleg of an animal is nimana, not ahena.ph. v.nima lofalofa2NPthieflong armed personsticky fingeredone who habitualy stealsnima paisowa2NPhandicrafthandwork
nimagu giginaNPfingers, my
nimagu gigipewananthumb, my1s: nimagu_gigipewana "thumb, my", 3s: nimana_gigipewana "thumb, his"
nimagu talatalamonanelbow, my1s: nimagu talatalamona "elbow, my" "wrist, my", 3s: nimana talatalamona "elbow, his" "wrist, his"
nimamnhands, your.sg1s: nimagu, 2pex: nimamai, 2s: nimam, 3s: nimana, 3p: nimadi
nimamainhands, our.excl
nimanan1hand, his2hand, her3hand, ones
nimana didiganaNPpowerful handbe nimana didigana yai, lau~fayofayo yai ya abi~fahimiu Kin Falo ena gigibwali yaisp the, by his powerful hand he rescued you from slavery and the power of King Pharaoh
nimana i lolonVtrstretch out ones handTabu nimana i lolon be mwahuli oyagina uluna i abi be i an.He must not stretch out his hand to take the fruit of the tree and eat it.
nimana sa kalasidiunspec. comp. form ofnimaCLstretch out his hands, theyPaulo nimana sa kalasidi be sa au fapatu bena sa pidiliThey stretched out Paul's hands and then they tied them together so that they might beat him.
NinewanNinevahDiyona mate Ninewa edi fafaꞌilala, gonogonowana doha Doga Natuna mate, aho ite, dodogadi edi fafaꞌilala.For as Jonah was a sign to the Ninevah people, so in the same manner, the Son of Man will be a sign to this generation.
nini'anpieces of pith
nini'ananpieces of pith, its
ninisan1snotov. synmohafipwaho22runny noseov. synhatini mohafi pwaho
NiuginiNPNew Guinea
ni'wain1worm2angleworm3annelid species
niyaDEICTICthat oneEm oyagina logena mate niya.Your fire, that's the one there.