Buhutu - English


tapitapipiliVin1appearance of struggling, to make2struggling, making an appearance ofYa angiyali be ya tapitapipili.He dug up the ground and he made an appearance of struggling.
taposoluVinslip away?, toyo fede, esega - esega, ya taposolu, be ya lau.and so, one by one, he slipped away and went.As of July 2018, This word is found only once in our database.
tapulitiVintorn, to beSa fadalolo~lidiyedi mate hama boludi sa onadi, begana haba edi hagida sa tapuliti.They let them down and then the caught lots of fish by the gills, so that their net was about to be torn.
tapuliti~luwagaiVintorn in two, to beNa Dubu Tabuna ganahewana yai, bili daili kalekona ya tapuliti luwagai, hewa yai ya lidi ubu.And inside the temple, the room-dividing cloth was torn in two, from the top to the bottom.See also {tasena~luwagai} "be torn in two"
tapulitinaparttornHige gonowana haba luhuluhu beyabeyana tapulitina u lau~polai ai luhuluhu fwaufwau senana.It's not possible to patch an old torn garment with a new piece of cloth.
tapwaiVinbroken, to be
tapwaipwaiVinbroken, to beSai ya fatutu~piuwen mate, haba ya tapwaipwai. Whoever falls on it (that stone) will be broken.
tapwatapwananankle (ones)
tasena~luwagaiunspec. var.luwagasenaVintorn in two, to beDubu Tabuna eda'edana guduna kalekona atipu yai ya tasena~luwagai.The entryway closure cloth (divider~curtain) in the middle was torn in two.Compare {tapuliti~luwagai} "be torn in two."
*tasiVinget up, toNot attested as a free form with this meaning. 2018-08
tasi obiyoVin1get up, to2get up (to)
tasi obiyomaVinstand up, to
tasi~mwaitoVin1rise up, toHabahim, . . . . sa tasi~mwaito, be Yesu sa liba~fafaheyayam {sp?].Then they rose up and they spoke badly of Jesus. 2stand up, to
tasi~obiyoVin1stand up, to2get up, toMa'esegana, na amnana ya loholoho fuyo, yo fede, ya tasi 'obiyo.At the same time, he felt better again, and so, he got up again.
tasidi1younger sibling, their2younger brother (their)root: tasi; 1s tasigu; 2s: tasim; 3s: tasina; 3p: tasidi.
tasimnyounger sibling, yourTasim gegegena wa ya fuyoma,Your run-away younger brother has come backroot: tasi; 1s tasigu; 2s: tasim; 3s: tasina; 3p: tasidi.
tasinanyounger sibling, onesTau tuwaha, tasina ya ipo na, sa gela sa lau gabogabo.The older brother passed the younger and they ran away, and went to the sea.root: tasi; 1s tasigu; 2s: tasim; 3s: tasina; 3p: tasidi.
tasisinaVin1grinning, to beNa abu'awa aho sa bu'a wa mo'ana ya tasisina be wawaya wa sa ita na adi paisowa: sa liuliuhwa.Now as for the tree kangaroo they were cooking, its mouth stretched in a grin, so what the children were doing was laughing at it.The grimace or grin on the face of a tree kangaroo being smoked over a fire in a traditional story, is the pivotal element around which the plot of the story hinges.2smiling, to be
tasitasi~mwaitogerstanding up, onessa ita sidohana ena tasitasi~mwaito na ya lau, yo fede sa lau~watan.They saw how she was standing up and she went, and so they followed after her.
taso'eunspec. comp. form ofso'eunspec. var. ofso'eso'enaVin1opened, to be Oyagi uluna tefana sa an, mate nuwadi sa tasoꞌeThey ate a piece of the fruit, and then their minds were opened.2split open, to beIyen, "'Keda masasaya,' yo fede, eda'eda ya taso'e. Na 'keda makikipa,' eda'eda ya lubi gudu."he said, "Doorway, open." and then the door opened. He said 'Door, be closed." and the doorway slammed shut.Galewa ya taso'e ya ita na Yaluwa Tabuna doha waliliya ya lidima hewana yai.and the sky opened (and) he looked, and the Holy Spirit came down on top of him like the white imperial pigeon.
tataVtruntie, toAi Sabati haba um sai la'i em bulumakau e donki wa tata, be wa lau wa fanom ho'owa, e hige'e?On the Sabbath is there anyone who doesn't untie his cow or donkey to go and water it?Yau hige ya loholoho haba ya dulu lidi be ana ahe sumasuma mahinadi ya tatadi.I am not good (enough) to bend down and untie the strings of his shoes.
tata~fahiVtruntie something, toAu tata~fahi be au leyama.Untie it and bring it hither.