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usmIR1youHiti mulita sai na pilipilidai te hige u siba, haba wa fati'o S.I.L. dodogadi ai lebedi, ...whoever of our decendants does not know this story, will ask the SIL people.2you.sgU buihitini, haba em oyagi wa yufi.You turn it over and then you [can] blow your fire.U sigu bwa'i. Yau haba ai muli.You bathe first. I will [do so] afterwards.Wa fuyo-lidi mate, tabu siya u fuyoma.when you go back down, don't go back there (??)Haba ai yauli hobahoba am paisowa; ibe hige siya u fuyo, u lau hewa.What you do is roost on the ground; you wouldn't be able to go there, and go up high.ov. synwa2 2
u eneBHuwen2dial. var.uwen2
u goBB ofuwen2dial. var. ofBH ofu eneDA ofuwen2dial. var. ofBH ofu ene
u waneBN ofuwen2dial. var. ofBH ofu ene
ubaumanunderneath??yo fede in kapuwa Hinau Masali lebena yai mate ya kamfahi giligilina yai, be feula gulewa ubaumana yai ya tole lawen. and so Hinau Masali removed her magical stone from her armpit and then she quickly put it underneath the cooking pot.I am not familiar with this usage, but am surmising that it is underneath, or the underside.
ubenanropeEna bobon E aulaha, ubena loiloina ai difigu haba wa au.When it is morning and I set off, you will tie the braided rope around my waist.
ubun1underneathAfa haidamai nene hahaisa hige ti ouli mate ubu yai sa miyamiya.Some of our companions with other appearances are not plentiful, and they live down underneath.bili~daili kalekona ya tapuliti~luwagai, hewa yai ya lidi ubu.The room-dividing cloth was split in two, from the top going down nderneath (to the bottom).2bottom, to the
ubu yaiPPunderneathYo fede, Yaubada ya ginauli be ho'owa hewa yai yo ubu yai sa lau~hudo'i.And so God made it so that the water above and the water underneath were in different places.
ubudinunderneath (them)Tinana hige gonowana i bahei, yo fede, hala ubudi yai ya simo lawen, na ya lau afulen.His mother was not ble to carry him, and so she took him and hid him under a pandanus tree, and she left him there.
ubunanunderneathNa gwama wa ya luhu lau gwayali wa, ubuna yai. Na ya atahi watan.But the boy went under the mat, and he followed (his actions) by listening.Yena "duikers" heyaheyaya sa lobahidi mate, sa hoba lidi ai bagili ubudi.When a "Duikers" antelope encounters danger, it crouches down under the tall grass.Tanohi ubuna yai, ho'owa sa kalakalamahano hasaema, be tano'ubu mahudo'ina mate, bolowada sa famohafu.From underneath the ground the waters were arriving and coming up, and so the whole world was filled by the flood.antganahewa 6ganahewana 1ganamuliganamulinahewana 8mulina 1mulina 2sadaina
ubuna yaiPP1underneathov. syngabulana 2gabulana yai 1gabulana yai 1gabulana yai 22underneathTanohi ubuna yai, ho'owa sa kalakalamahano hasaema, be tano'ubu mahudo'ina mate, bolowada sa famohafu.From underneath the ground the waters were arriving and coming up, and so the whole world was filled by the flood.3underneath it
udaman1kind of fruit eaten by cassowaries2??Ana kalahe mate kuhou, udama, kimidili, yo kaimo uludi ya domdi.It foods are fig, udama, kimidili and kaimo palm fruits, which it swallows.
uda'uda'aiadv1intenselyPailati ya atahiyen, yo fede ya 'wasabu~uda'uda'ai.Pilate heard that and then he was intensely (more) frightened.2very much3even moreYo fede sa waiyo'o'en~uda'uda'ai ana eno~suwai yo somo ya libaen debadi yai. and then they rejected (hated) him even more, because of his dream and what he said about it.'waiyo'o'en~uda'uda'ai'wasabu~uda'uda'ai.
udontaroAmi asai, yo ami udo, yo ami kanuwa, yo loholohodi ti otawa,As for your bananas, and your taro and your sweet potatoes, and and your good things, leave the good ones behind.
uduhulinhillAma kalahe 'e bahe na Ho'owala'i ho'owana 'e lau watan 'e hasai ee--, uluna yai uduhuli 'e finahe.We carried our food and followed the Ho’owalai River going up until at the headwaters we climbed up on top of the hill.
udu'uduhulidinhillsFuyana yai Maliya ya nonoha na feula ya lau Diudeya Udu'uduhulidi duhu la'ina hesa yaiAt that time Mary got ready and hurried and went to the hills of Judea, to big village there.
ulangrated coconut
ulabon1kwilaIntsia bjiuga, I. patanbanica; Family name Leguminosae.2ironwood, is a kind of hard timbreNa ulabo aniyona mate, Buhutu edi oyagi hesa po'ipo'ina hesana Ulabo.But as for the meaning of 'Ulabo' there is a very hard tree of the Buhutu people which is named Ulabo.Traditionally ulabo timbres have been used for houseposts. It does not need to be treated chemically, for is naturally resistent to rot, termites and boring beetles. it is known throughout Papua New Guinea and is called 'Kwila' in Tok Pisin. it is so heavy that when village people would tow it by canoe into the sawmills (e.g. at Sidea Island), they would have to lash it to two logs of less dense timbre in order to float it through the sea. It may take 6 or men to carry a larger Kwila housepost. Slit gongs also called "Kundu drums" are also made of this very heavy timbre.
Ulabon1UlaboNa Ulabo edi motuka yai 'e laoma ema luma.We came back home on an Ulabo vehicle.2Ulabo Timbre Companyna kampani wa hesana sa bui meta, Ulabo Timber Company, Milne Bay.and they changed their name to Ulabo Timbre Company, Milne Bay.Pa'ana eda'eda ya mahata, yo dodoga sa woko Ulabo yai, yo C.D.C. yai yo "re-forestation" yai.Because a way appeared for people to work at Ulabo [Yimbre Company], and for C.D.C. and at "reforestation."Then in 1981 a New Zealand-based company named J. J. G. Groums came and began to work, and they changed their name to Ulabo Timbre Compnay, The company bought timbre by the standing cubic meter, so did selective timbre harvesting, but also cleared land for reforestation and built the first, long-term vehicular roads in the Sagarai Valley connecting them to Alotau and the south shore of Milne Bay itself. They worked intensively in the area from 1981 thru early 1990's, and were based at Gamadoudou.
ulanangratedAn'anna, te holi be ulana an'an te famasi taudi yo li'u te lau folo'edi. We grate the coconut meat, and then we mix it with liquid and squeeze it.Ulana, te fapaisowa suisui ainiya te fakalahedi. We use the grated coconut to feed the pigs there.
ulana, ma'ima'iNPgrated coconut6. coconuts5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation
ula'ulasinwhalesMiya daumwali E fanuha in moho, dodoga, oyauli lala'i, walagofe yo ula'ulasi hesa mate fuya haisa sa faheyayamai.I desire to live quietly, but people, big sharks, crocodile and a kind of whale do harm to us sometimes1.6.1.1Mammal
'uli1Vtrcreate designs.to2gerwriting3Vtrwrite, to