4.2.7. Play, fun

aiheya1n1play4.2.7Play, fun2sports4.2.6.2Sports3drama4.2.5Drama4recreational activity4.2.6Entertainment, recreationSpelled {aiheya} and also {aihea}.aiheya~failako'enunspec. comp. formVtr1cast lots for it, toTabu ta puliti na ta aiheya~failako'en, haba sai ya abi? We shouldn't tear it, but we will gamble for it, for who will get it.2gamble for something, to
ba'onanwoven toyIninna, ba'ona sa fatulidi be wawaya edi ai'aiheya. ‎They weave toys from the young green leaves for the chidlren's playthings.Some of these coconut-leaf toys are shaped like hollow, woven "balls" with varying numbers of sides.1.5Plant1.5.1Tree4.2.7Play, fun1.5.5Parts of a plant