aguEPC1my2my, edible possessed item"Ae--, em aba laoma yai agu an'an ou'ouli."Please, where you come from, there is plenty of my food."3my (possessed or desired items intended for eating at a later time)Yau fuyanna mate, miti ox-palm te agu pe'i, na in moho, hige begana Ya an.At that time, Ox & Palm meat ws my favorite, but just one thing, I didn't even eat a little bit of it.Yau E ita-loba'i, agu gabu yai,I found him, in my garden.4my (strongly desiderative edible possession)beda agu"Oh for my betelnut!Haba hamahewa am 'e antoha, na tabu agu u leyama, pa'ana hamahewa yau nubaigu.When you catch a possum, don't bring me any to eat, because possum is my cousin.5my (non-edible, possessed item having an intermediate degree of possession or control)Hidagu mate makofakofana, na ya tantan. Agu luhuluhu E felen, be ya li'o.My friend didn't hve any clothes and he was crying. I gave him my garment, and he wrapped it around himself.E, yau mate agu fanufanuha. Ta lau ta bebedula.Yes, As for me that is what I want. Let's go pignetting.Agu pilipilidai, Budoinuwalele.My story is called: Budonuwaleleoften used with edible possessed nouns1s: agu, 2s: am, 3s: ana, 1pIN: ada, 1pEX: ama, 2p: ami, 3p: adi

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