paisowa2ger1workPa'ana ai mate, paisowa mahudo'ina 'e lau-gogon. Dubu paisowa (paipaisowa-gogo), community paisowana, yo eda luma ena paisowa hinaga.Because we do all of our work together: Church work m(s done together), community work, and our work at our houses also.Ifadi sa fatafodada, pa'ana fuya ou'ouli adi paisowa, konuge wa, ifadi ya manabala'edi.They took their in-law on an inspection tour, because all the time they would go snaring, and they were angry at him.Haba ai yauli hobahoba am paisowa; ibe hige siya u fuyo, u lau hewa.What you do is roost on the ground; you wouldn't be able to go there, and go up high.emi wasa begana doha ite, ai ema paisoa mate, ma faihona moho 'e paisowa.A bit of your news is like this, in regard to our work, we are just working in three places.ov. synwoko2task[Tau tuwaha] ana paisowa mate ana boga ya ita'ita watandi.[The elder brother] his task is to tlook after his family.3job4usesYaubada ma'i ya ginauli be ana paisowa ena ouli.God made the coconut so that its uses are many5occupation6use

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