onaVtr1net something, toSuwana sa fagela ya gela be ya luhu be bebedula ai ganahewana ya ona.They chase the wild pig, and it runs away and then it arrives and it is netted.Tau~hamahama edi hagida sa pei ho'owa bwaibwai'u'una la'ila'ina yai, na hama nene hudo'i - hudo'i sa ona.Fishermen threw their net into a lake (lit: big round-water) and they netted various kinds of fish.A pignet is used on dry land to capture game. a fishing net is used in the water to catch fish.2capture in a net, toSuwana wa ya ona, na ya ona asaha, be ya lau.They netted the wild pig, but they netted him in vain, and he went.

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