lahai1n1dayanthwalahwalala 1lahai la'i yailahai1 3maihona1 4mailafi1maimailafi yaimaimailafi1ov. synaho itedede2daytimeLahaina esegana, na maimailafina mate maihala ya sina-fiyo. Hige walolona habahim ya bulu.It was one day, and then in the afternoon, the sun shone again. It wasn't long and then it set [sank].3daylahai hudo'i ya tubu ya laolaoma be huyama wa hige ti fapaisowa-wananahai.Another day has begun and it is coming to (the time) when they do not really use "huyama" cane.{Lahai}used here in the sense of "a period in time in history."anthwalahwalala yaiBH ofhwalahwalalai'ipa yai 1lahai la'i yailahai1 1maihona yaimaimailafi yai4days5time

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