ai2Prep1at2inAi matahafo mate, tatau edi aba finahe.In the front was the place of climbing up for the men.3on"Te fuyo, be ai gele te kauli."We'll go back and fish with lines along the sandy beach.Na Russ, tautaumai enehemiu E fatamalidi, be ainia ai masini ami ginauri fala'idi,But Russ, I sent your pictures, so that you can enlarge them there on a machine.4intoAi gulewa ganahewa tipolo 10 u folodi.Squeeze10 lemons into a saucepan.5location (inside something)6location (vicinity of)7with (instrument)Sunna mate ai mahina sa audi.In regard to the house called "Sun" it was lashed with vines.8time-related9afterAi muli mate faikona, painapa yo moiyape u falamodi.Afterward, then,mix the five corner, pineapples and pawpaws (papayas).10underbe ami ledima, haba ai galasi E toledi, doha umi ite, tautaumiu you send them here, and I will put them under glass like your pictures here.ov. synyai 111with12to

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