uma'alan1lizard, large species ofov. synbo'obo'o 1bo'obo'o 1bo'obo'o 1bo'obo'o 2molamola 1molamola 1molamola 1molamola 2si'ofelauma'ala 32species of iguana3Now "uma'ala" lizards live in the tops of trees. Their tails are long, and their skin is green, and their appearance is like a crocodile's. That is the description of an "uma'ala" lizard.Yo fede, wawaya uma'ala sa bu'a, be sa anSo then, the children cooked the Iguana, and then they ate it.ov. synbo'obo'o 1molamola 1si'ofelauma'ala 1

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