fagigibwaliVtr1boil s.th., to2heat s.th. up, to3imbue with spiritual power, to4empower, to5make something hot, toBotolo yo mamwaidi wa fagigibwalidi bagubagunaidi.You wash and boil jars and lids first.6imbue with spiritual power, toFilifili aho mate, aniyona doha fagabi. Alahiyana sa fagabi o sa fagigibwali.Now the meaning of "filifili" is like ritual consecration. They "set their spear apart," or they enpower it.Alahiyana sa fagabi o sa fagigibwali. Gigibwalina aho wa: haba amohoho ya laufaiyagogo,...They ѳet that spear apartѠby embuing it with ѨeatѠor "power." Now its power is such that when the Amohoho would return,...ov. synfatabu 23p: fagigibwalidi

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