anpate~asahacomp. ofanpate-asahaVtrtry in vain, toImo wa sa anpatei. Nogeya, sa anpate~asaha.They tried the taro. but too bad, they tried in vain [to pull it]Pele hesa ya lau wee--, be ya anpate~asaha, be ya fuyoma.One group kept on trying until, having tried in vain, it returned.Natugu, hige gonowagu, pa'ana haidam te, hewa yai tau lofo mahudo'idi, mate sa anpate~asaha.My child, I can't possibly (allow it), because as for your companions here, all of whom are high flyers, they tried in vain.ov. syn-afulenoi~afulen-asaha 1

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