suluhiVtr1pull it up, toIninna habahim te suluhi be te lau ma'i fwaufwauna te umahi. Then we pull up its sprouting coconut and we go and we plant the new coconut.2pull something up, toYa yoga~lau wahadi lisina, iyen, "U laoma, tautaula'i te saguhi be ada imo te suluhi."She called over to her grandson and said, "You come, We are helping our old man so we can pull up this taro."haba oyagi laꞌilaꞌina ami faliba be ibona ya suluhi, na ya umahi ai will speak to a big tree and it will uproot itself and plant itself in the sea.ov. synla'ai 1losi 2See also {ansulu}3s: suluhi, 3p: suluhudi

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