atipuna yaiPP1middle of something2between3middle (of an area)Ho fede, kewala yai 'e lefa, be 'e lau. 'E lau weee--, atipu yai.and so we paddled with the poling stick, and we went on, we kept on going until we were out in the middle.Na ai, atipu yai 'e tubatuba.But we were swimming out in the middle.4middle of an object or area5inside, of somethingEna luma mate ume'ehu la'ila'i atipuna yai.His house was inside a big rock.6stalk of a plantMagesubu wa ya lofo lidima mate, ya abi lau golagola atipudi yai.Eagle flew down and then he grasped the wild banana stalks in the middle.7trunk of a tree8ribs of coconut leaves9wilderness10deserted11uninhabited12place in the middle3s: atipuna yai, 3p: atipudi yai

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