gado~lelehiger1strong desiresHewali, hasala edi gado~lelehi yo kamani heyaheyayadi u gela~afuledi.Run away from the strong desires (lusts) and bad habits of young men and young women.2coveteousnessYo ibe Laugagayo hige i falibagu iyen, "Tabu u gado~lelehiyedi" haba "gado~lelehi" aniyona sidohana egu sibasibaina?If the law had not spoken to me and said,, "Don't covet," how would I have been understanding the meaning of "covetousness."Does {gado~lelehi} in particular mean "to covet something" or only to have strong desires"? Compare {ena nuwatuhu mahudo'ina lisina yai} in Matiu 5:28

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