ban1SUbai2n1bait2fodderHawahawa yo uma'uma ida'idahedi haisa sa an'andi. Adi ban doha. They eat grass and green plants. Their fodder/pasturage is like that.3pasturage4lure5preyIsalaela dodogadi doha laiyon manamanabalana.  Hige gonowana i anyawasi ee–, ana ban ya an, yo 'wasinana ya nom. Isalaela [Israel] people are like an enraged lion [laiyon].  It is not possible for him to rest until he has eaten his prey and has drunk its blood.Magesubu sa adidili, sa hwaya lidi feufeula be adi ban sa tohaidi, sa andi. Eagles are strong, and they swoop down quickly to capture their prey and eat it.6live bait (such as worms)Ma~tanuwagana sa kauli, na Kamkam edi ban ya an, yo fede ya we'ai.She was fishing with her master, and the chicken ate his bait, so he chased her away.7baitEma banna, lala'a ya fuwa. Atai'a boludi sa ani'i, lala'a wa.Our bait for them: the lala'a tree was fruiting, and plenty of birds were eating it up, the lala'a fruit.8bait, a specific kind of plant used for a trolling lurefleshy plant from which bait for trolling is made by stripping away layers of the stalk (which is like the inside of a banana stalk) until a white, inner layer is exposed.unspec. comp. formbannanbait (natural)lure for game or birdsfa'anbandiVtrfeed them (to)

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