BolowainBolowai village, a village located on the inland, western side of Mullin's Harbour.Yau Bolowai yai ya miya. Egu boyaoda Bolowai.I live at Bolowai, my village is Bolowai.Yo sa fatubu ibodi sa lau Leileiyafa yo Bolowai yo Cecil nuwana ya loholoho.And on their own they went to Leileiyafa and Bolowai, and Cecil's felt good in his heart.A village on the west side of Mullins Harbour, formerly with a slightly different dialect from Buhutu. These differences were recorded in the speech of Mialai Diyon in 1968 in two texts collected for Russ Cooper by Rich Jones, a British VSO volunteer who was then teaching at Fife Bay in the primary school.9.7.2Name of a place

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