usmIR1youHiti mulita sai na pilipilidai te hige u siba, haba wa fati'o S.I.L. dodogadi ai lebedi, ...whoever of our decendants does not know this story, will ask the SIL people.2you.sgU buihitini, haba em oyagi wa yufi.You turn it over and then you [can] blow your fire.U sigu bwa'i. Yau haba ai muli.You bathe first. I will [do so] afterwards.Wa fuyo-lidi mate, tabu siya u fuyoma.when you go back down, don't go back there (??)Haba ai yauli hobahoba am paisowa; ibe hige siya u fuyo, u lau hewa.What you do is roost on the ground; you wouldn't be able to go there, and go up high.ov. synwa2 2

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