Bo'en1Egret species, variousBo'e mate, waihin yo taumoho nenedi gonogonowadi. Begana ya la'i. Olona ya kafukafu. Mo'ana ya yogeyoge. Ana kalahe mate halua. Ai ho'owa sadaidi ya gogogo. Ena nohi ai oyagi hewadi ya ginaulidi. Katinona kiukiu na kafukafuna.The male and female look the same. They are medium big. Their color is white with a white head and beak. They live by the water. They come out in the morning and spear and eat fish with their beaks. They build their nest in the tall trees. Their eggs are small and white..Egretta species, and Ardea species1.6.1.2Bird2Cattle EgretArdea Ibis, or Ardeola/Egretta coromanda, or Bubulcus coromandus. 3Intermediate EgretArdea Intermedia4Eastern Great Egret; Great EgretArdea modesta or Casmerodius Albus or Egretta Alba1.6.1.2BirdBuhutu speakers include three species of Egret as {Bo'e}. I am not sure if we have the Great Egret in our area, however.

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