motukan1vehicleNa Ulabo edi motuka yai 'e laoma ema luma.We came back home on an Ulabo vehicle/ truck.2automobile3motor car4car5truck6lorry7utility truck8motor vehicleEda'eda yai motuka ya tabuiemai, be E be'u.The vehicle turned us over on the road, and I fell.Madiyagu motuka hesa yai sa laoma, yo fede, 'e awa 'e lau eee--, Gamadoudou yai 'e tulube'u.My uncle came in a truck and we got aboard and went along until we got to Gamadoudou, then we got off.Na Giveson Eleni mate, Family Botukana wa [ femili motukana ] sa bamp,But as for Gibson Eleni, there was an accident with the Family Motor Car.

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