yena2CONJ1whenLamna fwaufwauna mate te abi be te mama'i, yena mo'ada inidi sa kamna.We get the young (coconut) root and chew it when we have a toothache.Yena wa lau, Tau Kaikaitau haba ya anim.When you go, Tau Kaikaitau will eat you.Ena oyagi gafuna hige Buluhagalagala panena i atahiyen.When there is smoke from the fire, Buluhagalagala does not smell it.Yena sai ini hesana sa tole "Hatafele" o taumoho hesa sa tole in "Bada" mate haba sa miya ai ganahobe ganahewana yai.Whenever anyone gave her the name "hatafele, or when ever they gave a man the name "bada", then they lived inside the kind of traditional house called a "ganahobe."2ifNa ite Sabati te hinaga, ena ea siuhwalo haba 'e lau Wagawaga, 'e lau'u'ula. Mate, ema antaumana wasana.And on this Sunday also, if it is dry weather, we will go to Wagawaga for church. that is the news about our church visitation.Usually involves a temporal sequence, more rarely may signal an if/then construction.ov. synma-2 1A preferred spelling is {yena}; also pronounced {hena}.

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