fawananahaVtr1make something come true, to2verify something, tohaba in ya fawananaha dodoga ai lisidi mate am asiyebo ha'a ya ulu,then he will verify to the people that your sickness has already come to a head (i.e., is finished),3prove to be true, toDiyobi ena ginauli mahudo'idi ya abidi, be ya fawananaha mate, Diyobi in doga dudulaina.He took all of Job's things, and so he [God] proved that Job was a righteous man.4validate, to"Itete, yau 'wasinagu, Yaubada yo ena dodoga, liba~fasunuma, yali fwaufwauna E fawananaha, lisina yai 'wasina ya tabuliwa, dodoga mahudo'idi enehedi. ‎This is my blood, the promise, or new agreement, to God and his people, I verify it by the blood poured out for all the people.5confirm to be true, tobe ai muli, habahim, salumadi alinana sa atahiyen, mate sa fawananaha mate dudulaina. so that afterward then, whoever listened to his voice could then confirm that it was right/straight

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