nohi21Vinnest, to make2Vincreate a lair, toEe--, ya lau ee--, gabu ya fa'ofi, mate ya nohi. Ya nohi gabu ganahewana yai.Well then, it goes on until the garden is finished off, then it makes a nest. It makes its lair in the middle of the garden.3Vinstore in a lair, toNohina mate: wa'ali, walabu, asai, kanuwa, imo, kapoi, nalei, yo an'an ou'ouli ya nohi, edi gabu ganahewana yai.In its lair it stores sugar cane, pitpit, sweet potatoess, taro, various kinds of yams, and many kinds of food, there in the middle of their garden.4Vinnest, toOyagi ai galidi sa nohi.They nest in holes in trees.5vmake a nest, to6Vtrmake a nest, to3p: sa nohi

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