mwatamwatanan1snake-like creature, small2microscopic creature3virus Tau sonoga sa anmasi mate bolima 10-15 ai mulidi mate nuwana PNG dodogadi (nuwana 2,800,000 - tu milion eit handele haba HIV mwatamwatana sa abi, boludi haba HIV asiyebona sa abi be sa pe'i.Clever people estimate that after 10 to 15 years maybe 2,800,000 PNG people will have the HIV virus (little snakes), and many will have the HIV sickness and then they will die. {mwatamwata} is used by extension for small microscopic creatures (including viruses) which cause diseases.LIT "little snakes" or snake like creature, that is microscopic creatures. This is a reduplicated form of one of the words for "snake" in the Suau-Cluster languages.

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