oyagin1treeAi tanohi ya anban na ai oyagi hewadi ya eno.It feeds on the ground and sleeps in top of trees.Sa fati'o, "Ma!" itebom, "Oyagi sa talaimiu e hige?" Ayawa, "Hige'e."They questioned us and said, Here now! Did the trees hit you or not." We said, "They didn't."1.5.1Tree2trees1.5.1Tree3woodOyagina mahudo'idi mate uli'uli afa'afa.As for all of it's wooden parts, they are completely [covered] with designs. miyamiya, na ena waihin ya lau ya uma, e oyagi ya dem, ...They stayed on together and when the woman went to plant, or to collect firewood, ... pape'odi mate oyagi esega sa hewa,Their steps were a single pole which they erected.7fireNa walahisa wa ya pito. Mate oyagi yai ya alagabu.And the prawn jumped. Then I roasted it in the fire.Ena am wa galasi, na em oyagi wa yufi, na gafuna ya ita mate, haba ya lofo,When you obtain your catch by diving, and when you blow your fire and it sees the smoke, then it will fly.The primary meaning of "oyagi" seems to be "tree," by extension "wood," and by further extension it can stand for "fire" by a process of metonymy.5.5Fireunspec. comp. formOyagi AtuwenaNPWorm Wood

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