-asahaadvsfx1in vainov. syn-afule 4abi lau afuledi-afulenoi~afulen-afulenoi~afulen-afulenoi~afulen-afulenoi~afulen-afulenoi~afulenanpate~asahacomp. ofanpate-asaha-asaha 3-gaibu 32vainly3with no resultSuwana wa ya ona, na ya ona asaha, be ya lau.Pele hesa ya lau weee--, be ya anpate asaha, be ya fuyoma.One group kept on trying until, having tried in vain, it returned.They netted the wild pig, but they netted him in vain, and he went.ov. syn-afulenoi~afulen-asaha 1also spelled with the underlying initial glottal stop {-'asaha}; > -asa'asahacomp.anpate asahaVtrtry in vain, toanpate~asahaVtrtry in vain (to)fatili~asahaiVtruncountable, to becount without results, totoo many to count, to beinnumerable, to beliba asahaVtrspeak in vain, toona asaha1net in vain, (to)yo'o~asaha2Vtrsearch in vain (to)3s: asaha, 3p: asahaidi

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