nuwa~afulenVtr1forgive someone, to2abandon someone, to3forgive, to"Au nuwa bui na au babasito, Haba Yaubada emi heyaheyaya ya nuwa~afuledi.""Turn your minds [repent], and be baptized; then God will leave your sins from his mind [forgive them]."Dodoga edi heyaya bena wa nuwa~afuledi, (doha) haba Yaubada emi heyaya ya nuwa~afuledi.If you would forgive people their badness, then like that God will forgive your badness.4abandon, toYo fede, Yaubada Isalaela ya nuwa~afuledi, Kanana nimadi yai, be sa fahisu~faheyayadi.And so God abandoned the Israelites into the hands of the Canaanites, and they treated them badly.

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