bwaibwai1nold woman; woman who is old and unable to get about easilySa miyamiya na waihin hudo'i, bwaibwaina, ya laoma. Hama ya abidi, na ya laoma wawaya wa lisidi.They were staying there, and a certain woman, an old lady came. She had some fish and she came to the children.Laulau hesa mate, ena bwaibwai sa gaimumu mate bena te tau'ulu be edi liba te lau watanidi.Another custom is that when the old women give advice we ought to pay attention and follow their advice.anttamowana1ov. syngwama 2hasala 4hewali1 7taumoho 5tautaula'i2 5tinatinala'i 1tinatinala'i 4tine'eu 2waihin 2wawaya 12nold woman3Vinold woman, to be

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