ulabon1kwilaIntsia bjiuga, I. patanbanica; Family name Leguminosae.2ironwood, a kind of hard timberNa ulabo aniyona mate, Buhutu edi oyagi hesa po'ipo'ina hesana Ulabo.But as for the meaning of 'Ulabo' there is a very hard tree of the Buhutu people which is named Ulabo.Traditionally ulabo timbres have been used for houseposts. It does not need to be treated chemically, for is naturally resistent to rot, termites and boring beetles. it is known throughout Papua New Guinea and is called 'Kwila' in Tok Pisin. it is so heavy that when village people would tow it by canoe into the sawmills (e.g. at Sidea Island), they would have to lash it to two logs of less dense timbre in order to float it through the sea. It may take 6 or men to carry a larger Kwila housepost. Slit gongs also called "Kundu drums" are also made of this very heavy timbre.

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