yoga11Vincall out, toMa'esega na, Ibwau ya yoga. Mahudo'idi sa eno guli, yo fede, imo wa ya tala'a.At once Rat shouted. Everyone leaned over, and with that, the taro was pulled out."Ena E yoga, yawa, '1, 2, 3!' mate te eno~guli, mahudo'ida."When I shout "I, 2, 3' them we will lean over, all of us."2Vincalling, to beHisu Niyaniyau Solasolana yai, amainiya ya poupouli [ale'alele]. Na ya yogayoga.He was floating there in the channel at Hisu Niyaniyau, and he was calling out.ov. synwalauiyoga~lauyogai 13Vtrshout something, to4Vtrcall, hitindiVtrwelcome them, toyoga~hitinidiVtrwelcome them, toyoga~hitinimiuVtrwelcome you (to)yogayoga~hitigerone who was them, tocont.yogayogaiVtrcalling out to her, to be

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