famohafuVtr1fill something up, to6.2.3Plant a field6.2.1Growing crops7.5.9.2Fill, cover2fill up (a container), to Wananahana mate, maisa la'ila'i haba ami abi, loholoho la'ila'i, ya tabuliwama ai nimamiu--, be--, nimamiu sa mohafu.Truly you will receive a big payment [reward], that will be poured into your hands, so that, your hands will be full.3fill up a location, to Ite wawaya te edi luma, e hige'e? Sa laoma be eda luma sa famohafudi te?Do these guys have houses or not? They come and fill our houses here?Tanohi ubuna yai, ho'owa sa kalakalamahano hasaema, be tano'ubu mahudo'ina mate, bolowada sa famohafu.From underneath the ground the waters were arriving and coming up, and so the whole world was filled by the flood.4fill someone up, toYo fede, dodoga boludi sa fa'oigogoma, be luma sa lau fafamohafu,And so lots of people gathered together hitherward, so that they filled up the house,Yesu Yolidan Ho'owana yai ya fuyoma mate, Yaluwa Tabuna ya famohafu,Jesus came to the Jordan River, and the Holy Spirit filled him.1pEX: famohafumai, 3p: famohafudi

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