wesoSUmotaWSmotan1snakeov. syngabadi 1gabadi 1gabadi 1gabadi 2salama 1sena'uli 2weso who becomes humanNa weso wa ya tole wapina.But the snake put off his skin.Weso delena ya oiyen, mate adi gabu ya hani'i.The snake struck his tail, and with that the garden was, er, [finished clearing].Waihin wa weso ya bwalai. Iyen, "U sigu bwa'i. Yau haba ai muli."The woman tricked the snake. She said. "You bathe first. I'll [go in] later."Weso wa ya wahilu be wapina ya tole na tau wananahana ya lidi be ya sigu.The snake shed his skin and he put off his skin and became a real person and he went down and bathed.generic word for snake, see also pythons, death adders, etc. the motif of the snake as a shape-changers (becoming a human and marrying) are commonly used in Buhutu and other Suauic stories.ov. syngabadi 1weso 13snake (as ordinary animal)4snake (as totemic clan identifier)5snakesweso adi hahaunspec. comp. formNPpoison of snakesLibadi mate doha weso adi hahaTheir words are like the poison of snakes.

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