fofofahiVtr1rescue someone, toBaꞌisa, Dodoga fisa moho haba Guyau ya fofofahi?Sir, will the Lord only rescue a few people?ov. synfamwahuli1 5unspec. var. offamwahuli~gogo'idigalatatamwahuli2 1suwafahi 12save someone, tohesana haba wa tole, Yesu, paꞌana ena dodoga mahudo'idi edi heyaheyaya yai haba ya fofofahidi (be ya famwahulidi).You will name him Jesus because he will rescue all of his people from their sins (and cause them to live).The Greek word is "to rescue or save" sodzo (1) of natural dangers and afflictions; (a) in relation to acute physical danger deliver, save, rescue (2) in a religious sense, in relation to spiritual dangers and threat of eternal death; (a) save, rescue from sin, bring to salvation. Much of the time the idea of SAVE as "to rescue" is more important than just "cause to be alive." but the idea of {mwahuli} was borrowed from MOTU {hamauridia} into SUAU as {hemaulidi} - so is firmly fixed in peopleꞌs minds.Compare {galatata} "to rescue."

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