hudo'iDET1a2a certain3a certain oneNa yau egu pilipilidai hudo'i. Oyagi hudo'i galina yai E ti'eti'e,And this is one of my stories, I was peeking into the hole of a certain tree.ov. synhesa1 1hudo'i 44anotherNa doga hudo'i ya laoma, be dabayalogu yai ya abi.Another fellow came and took me by the shoulder.ov. synaho 1esega 4hesa1 1hesa1 1hudo'i 3mate 2wa2 25certain6different7differentHei, Hola au laoma be doga hudo'i au ita. Saluma hidadi?"Hey. You just come and see this different-looking fellow. Whose companion is he?8various9certain one10one11othercomp.abi~hudo'iyeguVtrset me apart (to)choose me (tosanctify me, toan'anloya~hudo'iIDIOMdrifting away, to beattention drifting away, to begabugabu~fahudo'idigerburnt up completely, beingtole~hudo'iyenVtrturned away from, to beder.abi~hudo'iyeguVtrset me apart (to)choose me (tosanctify me, togabugabu~fahudo'idigerburnt up completely,'anloya~hudo'iIDIOMdrifting away, to beattention drifting away, to beunspec. comp. formno'u hudo'iyenVtrfolded up in a different place, to be

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