galubwain1snake species, greenGalubwai: Weso Ida'idahena.Galubwai is a green snake. ClanGalubwai is used as a clan totem in Milne Bay Southern Massim groups. The galubwai, a type of green snake,is used as clan identifier for some of the Igola people (originally from the middle of Kakabai Mountain range) and also names a clan or land owners group at Leileiyafa and in other parts of the Buhutu region. The same snake is know in the Tawala area as well an in other "Yaleba"-related groups as verified in the Gamadoudou Sociolinguistics Survey, 1997). namesSee also birds which are clan totem identifiers: Gubalim, Waliliya, Bunebune.comp.Sulu GalubwaiNPGalubwai Clan

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