gonowagun1enough2ability to do s.th. (to have)3can do s.th.4able (to be)5sufficient6equivalent7same as (to be)8identical9able (be)Ya lau weee--, gonowana mate wa au lawen ai babagaLet it go on until you are able to tie it to the croton bush.Natugu, hige gonowagu, pa'ana haidam te, hewa yai tau lofo mahudo'idi, mate sa anpate-asaha.My child, I can't possibly (allow it), because as for your companions here, all of whom are high flyers, they tried in vain.Yena wa fanuha, um gonowam haba wa faloholohogu.If you so desire, you are able to make me well.10enough (be)11sufficient (be)Abelaham ena suisui tau ita watanidi, yo Lota ena suisui tau ita watanidi sa faibayaho, pa'ana adi kalahe mate, hige gonowadi.Abraham's animal herdsmen quarrelled with Lot's animal herdsmen because their food wasn't sufficient.12equivalent (be)13identical (be)Bo'e mate, waihin yo taumoho nenedi gonogonowadi.As for the Egrets, the males and females appearance is the same. rfov. syna'aigonowana

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