Kulokulon1Triller species of birdLalage leucomela9.7.1.3Clan names1.6.1.2Bird2Varied TrillerThis is the Kulokulo (Varied Triller. The appearance of the male and female is the same. their markings are black and white. It's food is fruit from trees and insects. This bird is a fighter. When it gives birth and its eggs have hatched, if anyone climbs up to take them, it will bite him. It builds its nest in the tops of trees. Its eggs are small and white. When it calls it says, "Koyagou, koyagou, Ho'owa." When they call, then it is going to rain. There are stories about Kulokulo.Lalage leucomela9.7.1.3Clan names1.6.1.2Birdcomp.Sulu KulokuloNPKulokulo Clan

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