Ulabon1UlaboNa Ulabo edi motuka yai 'e laoma ema luma.We came back home on an Ulabo vehicle.2Ulabo Timbre Companyna kampani wa hesana sa bui meta, Ulabo Timber Company, Milne Bay.and they changed their name to Ulabo Timbre Company, Milne Bay.Pa'ana eda'eda ya mahata, yo dodoga sa woko Ulabo yai, yo C.D.C. yai yo "re-forestation" yai.Because a way appeared for people to work at Ulabo [Yimbre Company], and for C.D.C. and at "reforestation."Then in 1981 a New Zealand-based company named J. J. G. Groums came and began to work, and they changed their name to Ulabo Timbre Compnay, The company bought timbre by the standing cubic meter, so did selective timbre harvesting, but also cleared land for reforestation and built the first, long-term vehicular roads in the Sagarai Valley connecting them to Alotau and the south shore of Milne Bay itself. They worked intensively in the area from 1981 thru early 1990's, and were based at Gamadoudou.

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