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ក៝Nneck, ankle (narrow section between two body parts)ត៝ងក៝​នទ្រោក​; ត៝ង់ក៝ឞូនុយ្សneck of cow; neck of a personSynត៝ងក៝comp. ofត៝ង2ក៝comp.ត៝ងក៝ត៝ង2ទាង់ក៝ទាង់2លោមក៝លោមid.លោមក៝លោម
ក៝ងNk. o. lizard
ក៝ង់ទ៝ADJ1unsuccessful cook; describes the situation in which the cooking process is unsuccessful (due to insufficient heat, incorrect ratios, etc.)2refusal to finish something due to exasperationពាង់លែៈក៝ង់ទ៝ នារអ្យាមោហ៝ចហាន់អាមីរអោស3.3.2.2Refuse to do something
ក៝ចVfix or repair a channel, e.g. for water to flowក៝ចនហ៝ង​ទាក;ក៝ចត្រ៝ងSynក៝រ 1
ក៝ត់1Vto tie, tie upក៝ត់នទ្រោក;​ ក៝ត់រាឆែ'Biat'.SynDក៝ត់2កាត់ក៝ត់វឹបcomp.Vto tie up quickly or suddenlyចែឆ៝ៈរាឆែក៝ត់វឹម
ក៝ត់2Cfចីប2ច្រីប1ច្រីប2ឆ៝ៈឆែៈឆៃដឺបតាក់ទ៝ក់ទ៝ត់ទើន1នទ៝ក់1នទឹពូពើយ្សព្រឹលមព៝ស2យោងរាយ៝មរាអ៝តវឹបវើតឞាៈហាវVcoagulate (blood)ក៝ត់មហាមSynDក៝ត់1កាត់
ក៝នCfមពុតវាង់តឹរcomp. ofវាង់1N1child by birth; son (S), daughter (D)ក៝នឞូនុយ្សTerm of reference. Parents use the terms fv:អ៝ស , fv:យោស and fv:នោ as terms of address for their children.Cpartមេៈ1ឞឹ, clan2person of lower status; HEAD-word for people insubordinate positions, e.g. soldiers, villagers, peasantscomp.ឞាៈអ៝សរ៝ងក៝នឞាៈក៝ន​ឞារcomp.Ntwinsអ្យាជេងទ្រោកក៝នឞារThese calves are twins.ក៝នកាហានcomp.Nsoldiers, probably of lower rankក៝នឆែcomp.sp. var.ក៝ន​ឆែchild of age 13-15 years; child in early teen yearscomp.ក៝នពេៈក៝នឆែក៝នក៝នតឹរcomp.Cfវាង់1NA child whose father is not known, i.e.born out of wedlock etc.ក៝ននអើយcomp.unspec. var. ofក៝នដើយcomp. ofក៝ន 1Norphanក៝នពេៈ1comp.sp. var.ក៝ន​ពេៈchild of age 4-13 yearsក៝នពេៈក៝នឆែcomp.Nchildren, kidsក៝នមពុតcomp.Nthe youngest childAntក៝នឞោកទាកcomp. ofក៝នឞោកទាកក៝នមែគ្លែអាល់comp.Nlegitmate child; children who are valuewhen someone is accused of being worthless or expendable, this is used to assert that one is a legitimate child—someone with a family who considers them a valuable member of the communitySynក៝ននទ្រ៝ង់ក៝នរាសក៝នតូងcomp.Na large group of menក៝នឞេcomp.Nbaby, infant (term of reference)Synអ៝សឞេcomp. ofអ៝សឞេក៝នឞោកទាកcomp.Nfirstborn child, eldest childAntក៝នមពុតcomp. ofក៝នអ៝សមពុតcomp. ofអ៝ស
ក៝ននទ្រ៝ង់Synក៝នមែគ្លែអាល់comp. ofក៝ន
ក៝នពេៈ2Nរាញឆាឆីជេៈៗ ពាង់មោហ៝ៈជេងមែឆី