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ង៝Cfក្លេក1ក្លេង1ច្វេច្វាង់វេតវេADJdarkង៝ក្លេកcomp.very darkង៝ក្លេងcomp.very darkង៝ចេកកោលាក់comp.ADJvery darkង៝ច្វេច្វាង់comp.same meaningង៝វេតវេcomp.same meaning
ង៝ត់នទ្រ៝ម់PROeveryone, all, (poetic??)
ង៝ម់Vto sink, submerge (passively)ង៝ម់ត្រោមទាកto sink into water
ង៝រVto dive under water, be submergedSynមុរង៝រតឹមទាក dive into water
ង៝រ់Nk.o. bamboo (used to make baskets)'Biat'.SynDងឹរ2
ង៝ល់Ntree stump'Biat'.SynDងគូ
ងក៝ង1Nstem, internode of a grass or grain plant nearest to the fruitងក៝ង​មឞ៝corn cob2CLFstem, internode between the stalk and the fruitកាវ​ឆី​ទូ​ងក៝ងa single flower (stem)
ងក៝ងតាល៝ងNpapaya branch used to see a sorcerer'Raong'.SynDងក៝ងមហុង
ងក៝ចVrecount, relate, narrate, share, tell, talk, give an accountងក៝ចងក្លាៈcomp.1recount or tell what one has been experiencing'Bunor'.SynDកាប្លាៈ2fabricate a story; make up a false story; k.o. lieងក៝ចនទ្រ៝ងcomp.recount the story of your ancestorsងក៝ចនាវcomp.recount informationSynល៝នាវcomp. ofល៝ងក៝ចនាវឆាក់នើមcomp.recount personal story/backgroundងក៝ចយៅទែសcomp.recount recent family history in order to establish whether you are related to sbd elseងក៝ចឞ្រីcomp.ងក៝ចឞ្រីលោកាVintrrecount the news of the day, talk about current events, shoot the breezeខាន់​ពាង់​តឹម​ងក៝ច​ឞ្រី​អី​លែៈ​នាវ​គែស​នៃ។They talked about all the things that had happened.XPRងក៝ចឞ្រីងក៝ចទាកងក៝ចឞ្រីរាហីយៅcomp.recount about all kinds of things; shoot the breeze; to talk about the details of events during separation??ងក៝ចឞ្រីលោយៅcomp.Vintrtalk about various things at length