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ឆ៝Ndogid.អុញឞុសឆីឆ៝អុញឆ៝កឺងcomp.k.o. dog, big, dangerousSynឆ៝រាឞ៝comp. ofឆ៝ឆ៝រាឞ៝comp.k.o. dog, big, dangerousSynឆ៝កឺងcomp. ofឆ៝ឆ៝រាឞៅcomp.Golden jackalឆ៝ឞ្រី
ឆ៝កVto peck (e.g. chicken)Synចោក 1
ឆ៝ក់Nhair (of the head)
ឆ៝ង់ADJstraight, righteouscomp.នាវឆ៝ង់នាវឆ៝ង់ឆ្រាង់comp.ADJstraight (in a metaphorical sense), righteous, honestឆ៝ង់ឞ្រ៝ង់comp.straight (in a literal sense) for shooting, walking, running etc.ញឆ៝ង់2unspec. comp. formvtstraighten, to cause to be straight, make straight
ឆ៝ង់កុមNsociety, community; era (sic)
ឆ៝ត់1ADJbland, tasteless, without any real qualities, e.g. rice-wine that is diluted too much, exhausted soil
ឆ៝ត់2Vprotrude, stick outឆ៝ត់ឞ្លីលឆ៝ត់ឞ្ល៝ល់comp.protrude (e.g. tongue, eyes popping out) in a derogatory sense
ឆ៝ន់CfនទើមVto set or place a trap (all kinds) or mine'Biat'.SynDឆាន់1ឆាន់2ឆាន់3បាបើ
ឆ៝បSimជ្រែង2Nsteep slope
ឆ៝ម់1Vplease??'Biat'.SynDឆើមឆ៝ម់កីង help by doing sth for, do as a substitute
ឆ៝ម់2V1to put sbd in their place; challenge the truth of a claimគ៝ប់ងើយ​ឆ៝ម់ពាង់យ៝រលាសគ៝ប់​មោ​វៃ​ឆៃ​ពាង់​ជាន។I put him in his place because I've never seen him do (it).2to be ungrateful
ឆ៝យ្សADJvacant, available, free, not busyAntឞ៝ប់ 1
ឆ៝រNspine, spinal column??ឆ៝រទាកcomp.muddy rainwater flowing over the ground
ឆ៝រ់Vto trembleSynញឆ៝រ់ឆ៝រ់នូយ្សcomp.sad, pity