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ជ៝ក់2Nk.o. of palm tree which grows in the forestThe new shoot is edible "Hearts of Palm"SynDជ៝ក់1
ជ៝ក់ងគើចADJheavy or light (things or wound)
ជ៝ងADJlong; length
ជ៝ង់N1leg, foot'Biat'.SynDជឹង1ជុម12foot, base8.5.5Spatial relationscomp.នទើលជ៝ង់នទើលជ៝ង់គូងcomp.Nentrance way, doorstep, courtyard, area at the base of stairs, empty space in front of a houseជ៝ង់ជ៝ន var.ឆាង់ជ៝នNhamstring, backside of leg (especially back of knee)2.1Body2.1.3.2Legជ៝ង់ត្រោកcomp.horizonឞើស​ជ៝ង់​ត្រោក​ទូ​ទីង​ត៝ត់​មា​ជ៝ង់​ត្រោក​ទូ​ទីងfrom horizon to horizonជ៝ង់លាងមពាងតីid.empty handed; not having any possessions
ជ៝បNlarge biting fly (elephant fly)
ជ៝យSimវាង់1Vsearch, look for something that has been lostSynឆ្វាង់ជ៝យឆា businessSynវាង់កាឆាcomp. ofid. ofវាង់1
ជ៝រ់Nដង​ទង់ (ប្រើក្នុង​ពិធី​សែន​ស្រូវ)
ជ៝ល់1Vinsist, stubbornly continue2ADJstubborn, headstrong, obstinate, continue eagerly'Bunor'.SynDកាជ៝ល់ 1កាជ៝ល់ 2ជ៝ល់ក៝comp.1ADJstubborn, unceasingly2Vstubbornly continue
ជ៝ៈSimអើម3 2ADVlong period of timeជ៝ៈជ៝ងcomp.long timeពាង់​មោ​នអ៝ម​ជ៝ៈ​ជ៝ង​អោសHe (will) not leave it for long.ជ៝ៈៗcomp.once in a while
ជ៝ៈនូយ្សslow to anger
ជាNthatch grass, congongrassImperata cylindricaជាឆ្រី2comp.k.o. vineជាល៝កcomp.Nkind of roof-thatching plant with large leavesជាលាចcomp.Nshort grass on hills