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ដ៝ងក៝រែកNcommon term for Newcastle disease
ដ៝ង់1Yes/no question tag (phrase finalquestion-particle for yes/no questions)ដ៝ង់​មា​ជាន ដ៝ង់​មាតីស***Synលើ1
ដ៝ង់2ADValso; on top of, anotherខាន់​មៃរ៝ម​គ៝ប់​ហាន់​ដ៝ង់​?***'Bunor'.SynDលែៈ2Synអើម1
ដ៝ត់Vto pull towards oneself from sth attached above
ដ៝បNbottle, jar
ដ៝ល់Vto hit (punch)
ដាVto respect, consider sbd else, (who has a higher status or children)ពាង់ដាឆោងមាក៝ន។lit. '��She remembers (the) child in eating.'�� OR She make��s sure that her children have enough to eat before taking her share.ក៝នឆែដាឞូរាញ។Children know how to respect their elders. OR '��(A) child repects (the) elders.'��
ដាងVcrack, simple fractureSimទែស1
ដាងកាតNdry peeling skin
ដាង់Vto see or discover sth hidden or not easy to see, e.g. far away or at nightត្រោមមាត់ដាង់comp.good eyes (able to see well)
ដាត់Vbreak apart; fall far off (e.g. sth that dropped to the ground and rolled away), to be thrown, (by a push or hit); disconnect
ដាប់1Vtrain (animals), tame, discipline, control the children wellមេៈមឞឹ​ដាប់អ៝សក៝នParents instruct children...ដាប់មពាន់comp.ADJpeace, harmony, being free of trouble, especially in family, happyAntរុងរាង់comp. ofរុងអុសអាសSimដាប់3
ដាប់2ADJpack tight, pack down well
ដាប់3Simដាប់មពាន់comp. ofដាប់1Vremain, steady, committed, content (used to describe people)ក៝ន​ឞូអូរ​គុ​ដាប់​តា​ច្វាន​ដាស​អូ​ពាង់The girl is content to stay at home with her grandmother.AntញជើរSimគឹន2
ដារADJstretch outអ្យារ់​ដារ***
ដាស1CLFhalf; side of an entity with two identical sides (bilateral symmetry)Synទីងទូដាស halfលែៈឞារដាសcomp.both sidesឞារដាសcomp.both sides, one pair
ដាស2PREP1in relation to, compared with, with2against3from, out of (a number)4together with, with
ដាៈVorder, command'Bunor'.SynDឆាង់
ដិចCfឞ៝ញVcomfort (esp. for children)Simញជូង1ញហឹរញអូងឞ៝ញ

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